Life Re-centered is a mindset. It is all about finding that work-life balance. It’s about making every day count and creating memories that will last a lifetime. This new reality for our family occurred when a dear friend of ours was diagnosed with glioblastoma stage IV, a type of brain cancer, who passed away 9 months later, after undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

At the time, I was a RN Care Manager Supervisor, working 60+ hour work weeks – dropping my 7-year old daughter off at her school early in the morning and picking her up from daycare, more times than not after dark. My 13-year old daughter would come home on the bus and many nights be home alone for several hours until I made it through the door. Many times I would be carrying some form of fast food for a quick meal before it was time to get ready for bed and start the same routine again the next morning.

My husband’s career involved a lot of traveling and he was gone more than 50% of the time. When he was home, we took advantage of our time together as a family; but with the loss of our dear friend – a switch was triggered. Clarity came in regards to our lives and the subtle way that the things that mattered most to us – our family – our children…time, had somehow been placed below that of work and material things. We took a 3-week trip across the country the following summer – 8,000 miles, from Florida to California. We stopped along the way – Santa Fe, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and several National Parks including The Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Mount Rushmore in SD. That trip brought us even closer together and we realized that 3 weeks just wasn’t enough!

After another school year and continued reminiscing, we toyed with the idea of buying a RV and hitting the road. With my husband traveling for work and the ability to generate income on the road, we decided – why not? Now it was just a matter of getting our girls on board. With my oldest daughter being in high school, I knew she would be the one we would need to “sell” this idea to – leaving the brick and mortar school system she was used to, and to venture out on a year-long road trip. We proposed to do this a year out and, at first, she was not on board. Then, after looking at some RVs with us and talking more about all the places we wanted to visit, she agreed and asked if we could head out even sooner. And so the clock started ticking!

I made a list of everything we needed to do – and there were several lists from the beginning to current, as every part of life is affected. My career, the girls’ school, renting our house, selling cars, packing our personal items, and of course – buying a RV!

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